Lauf!Ball® - the original water walking ball

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Entertain your child or teenager by giving them a fun ride running inside their ball!

They are made with the crazy idea to make people have an experience of running inside a fast going ball. The activity is a family friendly version of zorbing. Move inside the ball and run inside on a grass field, on even grounds or water.

Thanks to its floatability aqua zorbing, its use to walk on water’s surface of a pool, has also proven to be most popular.

It is made with a transparent material to allow complete visibility, with two different entrances outlined with the color red at opposite ends of the Lauf!Ball.

The ball also features handles for better safety and control. So adult supervision is advised at all times. We highly recommend pullback ropes. 


  • outer diameter: 3 meters (10 ft)
  • inner diameter: 2 meters (6.5 ft)


  • Product weight: 55 kg 
  • Air volume: 10 CBM
  • Capacity: One person only!

Buy a ball to get a new way of exploring and moving while playing outside.

PVC is the most common and suitable for most users.
TPU is best for very high or very low temperatures or heavy duty.

Please note: TPU is slightly yellowish. 

Assembly instructions, repair kit, and carrying bag all included.

Delivery time for PVC usually on stock, TPU within 2 weeks.

Warning: Make sure the ground surface is free of sharp and pointy objects. For use in natural waters make sure the ball is safely anchored using the security leash. Also, to use it in deep water is only recommended for experienced swimmers and generally discouraged. Users have fun getting wet. Do you want to stay dry? Please try this water walking balls or water roller...