Flying cube 2 m-4 m (6.5 ft - 13 ft) with logo print


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Inflatable advertising cubes offer large, clearly visible advertising spaces. All 6 faces can be designed individually. Almost any motif can be implemented in CMYK digital printing.

The airtight cube, inflated with air, can be suspended from the ceiling, but also placed on the floor or a frame construction. The straight base enables easy positioning and fastening.

Filled with balloon gas (helium), a cube balloon of 2 m - 6.5 ft edge length can be used in closed buildings , with at least 3 m - 10 ft edge length it can also be used in the open air.

A flying cube not only offers a lot of advertising space on the 4 side surfaces, but is also easily recognizable for the viewer directly below and even in the top view (e.g. on aerial photos).

We recommend a filling tubefor the assembly.