Your custom design

We here at Inflatable24 make sure to customize every advertising item in our clients’ orders to fit their needs.

Order your inflatables printed with the logo and design of your choosing. Here’s how:



Find and click on the “Customize it” button located in the respective product details page, a window will open.



On the customizing window, you can select the color of your product along with one or several “Select Archive” buttons below.

Every one of those buttons represents a place of the product in which a logo can be printed on.

Clicking on the buttons will allow you to search and upload from your device the logo or design you want printed on that particular place.

For better effect, use images in .gif or .png format preferably, since their transparent backgrounds allow for better visualization on the finished product.



Once you’ve chosen and uploaded your design, you can rotate it and resize it whichever way you want to so it fits and looks perfectly in the way you want it to.



Once you are done fitting the logos on your inflatable product, press the “add to cart” button located below on the customizing window.



Proceed to checkout to complete your order.



You will receive an order confirmation in the email address you provided during the ordering process.

Please respond to it with your logo’s vectorized graphic file in .pdf format and its colors exact name in Pantone.



Sit tight!

Your order will be processed within two business days. You’ll be notified via email as soon as work on your inflatable advertising starts.

Have a look at a comparison of the simulation (Left) and the finished product (Right):


inflatable advertising comparison, simulation vs finished product
Looks good, doesn't it?


About colors

All our printing work is done using the CMYK color model.

The RGB colors can’t be directly printed, they would need to be converted to CMYK first and good color reproduction after the conversion process is not guaranteed.

There are certain special few colors that can only be simulated, but cannot be printed properly, the results often compare poorly to the simulation.

Please remember to always send us your color values ​​in Pantone, so that we can match them.


Too complicated? We got you.

Too much technical babble in these steps? Don’t worry about a thing, we can also help you with it.

Of course, we can prepare the data for you in accordance with your specifications or even create a design draft for you. Feel free and contact us at any time to get a free quote for this service.


Please keep in mind…

Despite the advancements of the latest generation printing processes, slight color variations still might occur.

The printing result itself depends on many different factors, such as materials used, base colors and printing conditions.

For this very reason, minimal color variations might still happen but rest assured, it will not be very noticeable.


If you are planning to come back…

Thinking of doing business with us again? You should definitely let us know if you are planning to order with us again.

We usually delete client’s records more than six months old, so you’ll have to fill all those forms again once you come back if we already deleted them.

If you want to avoid all that hassle, please send us an email letting us know that you are coming back once your first order is delivered. Help us ensure we keep your info to make your next order as smooth and easy as possible.