Advertising blimp balloon 157" to 314" (4m-8m) with printing


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Delivery time:

For stock items within 2-3 days. otherwise 2-3 weeks incl. production

  • aerodynamic shape - stable flight characteristics 
  • large printing area - perfect for wide logos
  • handling like a classic sphere balloon - easy to set up

Give your adverisement or trade fair appearance a playful expression of meaning and size by using a blimp shaped balloon with the logo of your choice digitally printed on it.

This airship, filled with helium, hovers imposingly over everybody's heads to draw their attention.

Available in sizes ranging from 4 m (157'') to 8 m (314'') in length.  

The minimum recommended size for outdoors use is 6 meters (236’’).
Outdoors use is dependent on the weather and wind conditions of the location.

Volumes and weights:
157"- 4m length:  8.5 m³, 5 kg
200"- 5m length: 12m³ 8kg
240"- 6 m length: 20 m³, 10 kg
280" - 7m length: 35 m³ 14kg
320"- 8 m length: 50 m³, 21 kg

Delivery includes assembly instructions, repair kit, carrying bag and a 20 m leash.


For filling larger blimps with helium we recommend this filling tubefor faster filling.