3vs3 football / soccer air pitch


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 Introducing the 3vs3 football/soccer air pitch inflatable for children-- a perfect space for all football clubs and associations to enjoy hours of action-packed entertainment!

Designed to help children hone their skills, the pitch comes with 50cm dia tubes for easy setup and maintenance.

  • Constructed from 0.6mm PVC tarpaulin, our air pitch is designed to be durable, providing optimal safety and protection during training sessions and matches.
  • You can get your air pitch right away in standard material color. It is cheap and easy. For every beam, you may choose your color. 
  • With velcro straps for goals, every goal width will fit.
  • It's practical and convenient to set up for two people.
  • It is airtight, so there is no blower noise during usage, and it is also recommended for inside use.
  • Delivery includes bag, repair material, and assembly instructions.
  • Customizing is possible; send an email. 
  • Inflatable goals optional 

Take your game to new levels with our inflatable 3vs3 football/soccer air pitch -- your ultimate companion in aspiring for more fun and safety of play! Our air pitch helps to hold the ball inside, so it is an ideal choice. It allows you to get a more constant and enjoyable game anytime, regardless of weather conditions. Order an air pitch today to create unforgettable memories for your football clubor team!

Please order the Air pump separately according to how many pcs. you need. We recommend for 1-2 pitches Pump OV 6 or OV 10. 

Please do not hesitate to enquire—more than 20 years of experience with this inflatable.