Advertising balloon with logo 1.5 m - 4 m (5 ft - 13 ft)


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For stock items within 2-3 days. otherwise 2-3 weeks incl. production

Visually attractive and elegantly shaped, our fair printed advertising balloons are ready to carry your company’s logo and make your advertisement fly high so that anyone will see it from afar.

Available in models from 1.5 to 4 meters (5 to 13 ft) of diameter, our fair balloon its printed with the logo of your choice via high-quality digital printing on vinyl-foil to show your insignia in all its flying colors as soon as its filled with helium and put in the air. Once you are done using it can surely be re-used again given proper storage and care.

Please keep in mind that outdoors use is dependent on the weather and wind conditions of the location. The recommended minimum size of your advertising balloon for outdoors is 3 meters (10 ft).

Assembly instructions, repair kit and a 20 meters (66 ft) leash to keep your balloon captive all included.

Buy your advertising balloon and make sure everyone at the fair sees your logo every time they look up.

Volumes = Amount of Helium for 1 filling:

 Diameter Ø  =  Volume V
1.5 m - 5 ft = 1.8 m³
2 m - 6.5 ft = 4.2 m³
2.5 m - 8 ft = 8.2 m³
3 m - 10 ft = 14 m³
3.5 m - 11.5 ft = 23 m³


PVC Balloons will usually lose 2-5% of helium per day, so keep a little spare helium for refilling on Installations longer than 3 days.

To fill large balloons we recommend this tube for easier filling.

Here you can download our complete catalog for balloons.